Cardio equipment – useful or not?

Cardio training is a hot topic. And so, logically, cardio machines are becoming the focus of all sports enthusiasts.

If you think that cardio equipment is completely superfluous and, moreover, boring, then you are wrong. Because cardio can be more than just a boring treadmill …

Why is cardio training important?

If we have answered this question, we will also take the benefit of a high-quality cardio device a step closer.

We humans are designed for movement. In the Stone Age, we inevitably had to have a broad range of movement to survive. Running, running, climbing, fighting were commonplace. Every now and then we also had to lift heavy.

However, most of our natural movement obviously did not have much to do with pure weight training, as we do today in gyms. Although this is useful, there are some problems awaiting us when we completely disregard cardio training :

  • body stiffness
  • Limited movement sequences
  • No full lung activity and therefore less oxygen intake
  • Poorer blood circulation

Quite apart from the lack of disadvantages, Cardio also has several valuable benefits that go far beyond a stronger and faster fat burning.

For one, the impact on your winning mentality is enormous. Cardio training requires discipline. Whether on a treadmill or in the forest – that makes you mentally fitter! On the other hand, the intensive lung activity increases the oxygen intake so much that cells can regenerate more easily and the risk for cardiovascular diseases is massively reduced. In addition, the regular and strong circulation of your organism ensures a better concentration in everyday life and boosts your detoxification.

Through moderate and healthy endurance training even improves its immune system by your body multiplies the defense cells and thus better arms against attackers from the outside.

However, all these benefits can only develop if you give yourself enough time to relax between cardio sessions and if you do not overdo it during exercise.

Cardio equipment – get started, get started, lose weight

Cardio machines are not the ultimate when it comes to holistic body training . Nevertheless, they fulfill a tremendous benefit. Especially for the start of sports, they offer themselves, because they …:

  • … already specify movement sequences.
  • Show detailed data about your performance (distance, speed, time and more).
  • … are available directly at home and no extra work is necessary in winter.

In addition, you have the opportunity during your training to provide the necessary motivation (or distraction). In the living room or in a separate training room you can watch TV, listen to music or even take care of your children. In short: training in your own home is possible!

Of course, a cardio machine will not help you lose weight faster than a running unit outdoors. After all, the movement is the same. Nevertheless, the advantages mentioned above ensure that cardio training is more fun and takes less time and effort.

The bottom line is that your endurance training should not suffer, just because you have no desire or no time to lace up the running shoes and run into the forest. Cardio machines, such as Maxxus , are therefore ideal for those who prefer a workout at home .

Which cardio machines are there?

For a suitable cardio machine is not just a treadmill in question. There are a number of useful gadgets that are both technically advanced and provide more complex motion sequences. These include:

  • Rowing machines (back and legs)
  • Crosstrainer (ensures a particularly joint-gentle training)
  • Stepper (ideal for stomach, legs, buttocks)
  • Stairmaster (stairs for belly, legs, butt)
  • Ergometer / bicycle

By the way: The jump rope is also a great cardio machine. Simple, inexpensive and with high coordination requirements! In addition, jumping rope in a short time burns many calories.


Cardio machines bring many benefits. If you prefer training at home, there is no more practical solution than a treadmill, crosstrainer or rowing machine. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the purchase involves a certain cost factor. How high this is depends on the cardio device itself.

However, for your health and your customer success, it is an investment that pays off and even acts as an incentive.