Detoxify the body: 3 tips, 5 pitfalls & 8 methods of purification

Fasting is trendy. More and more detoxification, detox teas and juice cures are on the market. With these means, the body should detoxify. What is the promise? We give tips for detoxification and inform about different methods.

What detoxification is

Unhealthy food, long office hours and little exercise – all of this pollutes the body. Quite a few people want to liberate their bodies from unhealthy deposits. They resort to detoxification treatments that are supposed to free the body of toxins and pollutants.Tip: more joie de vivre and self-realization with * free * guide

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Toxins can be absorbed through food as well as clothing, air pollution and cosmetics. Fatigue and fatigue are the result. Detoxification cures to alleviate these negative effects and have many benefits for the body and mind. They should smooth the skin, invigorate the digestive tract and refocus the mind.

This should usually be done by a thorough cleaning of the intestinal tract. Deposits that have formed in the intestine should be removed via a corresponding detoxification treatment. A variety of fasting cures, detox products and detoxification stones are offered for this purpose. Also clinics and special spa hotels have specialized in detoxification treatments.

Are detoxification treatments effective?

However, many scientists doubt that fasting and detox products work. Detox and slag are said to be a myth that is used today for marketing purposes. The idea of ​​a cleansing cure is almost a hundred years old. In the thirties, the physician Otto Buchinger introduced the term “purification” for the first time. He compared the intestine with a stovepipe, which should be cleaned regularly. With this comparison, he justified the fasting, in which the body is released from the inside of its slag.

Other doctors claim, however, that the body needs no help for detoxification. The liver, kidneys and the intestines themselves do the jobs and transport toxins out of the body. The digestive process is a big task for the body. The intestine is several meters long. As the ingested food is transported through the digestive tract, important nutrients are filtered out of the food. Cells produce a mucus that allows food to pass through the intestinal tract. In addition, the intestinal contents are diluted with literary digestive juices and are in constant motion. So no slag can settle in the intestine.

The physician Otto Buchinger, however, used the term “slags” rather as a metaphor. This summarizes all possible pollutants that can accumulate in the body. Not only the intestine but also other organs can absorb these dangerous substances. The term “purification” thus summarizes all health-promoting processes that occur during a detoxification treatment in the body.

Prevent environmental toxins and pollutants

If you want to keep environmental toxins and pollutants away from your body, you should not start with them when they have already accumulated in your body. Even with a healthy lifestyle, you can already prevent some of these dangerous substances. This is usually better than compensating for existing damage. A few small changes can do a lot of good here.

Eat healthy

Diet plays a crucial role in any detoxification treatment. Mostly a liquid food in the form of soups, juices and teas is preferred. Generally, the calorie intake is reduced, giving the body more time to digest. However, this is not possible in everyday life and even unhealthy for a long time. Therefore, one should rather pay attention to a balanced diet to provide the body with sufficient nutrients that support him in his own detoxification. Some foods should be avoided, because they can contain many environmental toxins and pollutants. In addition to alcohol, sugar and caffeine, there are some other harmful substances that can be found in food.

Beware of finished products

Even finished products can burden the body. They often contain unhealthy additives such as flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorants, which can negatively affect health. In addition, cheap raw materials are often used. Important nutrients, on the other hand, are neglected. This is often a high sugar and fat content found that makes the body and mind tired and sluggish.

Pollutants in seafood and fish dishes

Seafood and fish are often contaminated with pollutants and microplastics. In the sea, the animals absorb these substances. This is how the toxic substances reach our plates. There is an unimaginable quantity of plastic in the sea. Small pieces of plastic are kept and eaten by plankton fish. Toxic substances that are in the plastic, so go into the fish and are consumed by us about this. The ocean is now so heavily polluted that it would be better to dispense with the consumption of fish and seafood, if you want to avoid these pollutants.

Controlled organic farming

In order to avoid environmental toxins and pollutants in the form of pesticides, you should rely on products from certified organic farming. Here is dispensed chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Genetic engineering is also banned and the use of antibiotics is often limited. You can orient yourself on this at the EU-Bio-Siegel. If that does not go far enough, consider stricter organic labels. The organic seals of Demeter, Naturland and Bioland are suitable in this case.

Sufficient movement

Exercise is essential to keep the body healthy. Exercise has many advantages. It boosts the metabolism and thus actively contributes to the detoxification of the body. Since you get a sweat in the sport, you can also get rid of the sweat some toxins. However, these are not the only benefits of physical activity. The cardiovascular system benefits as well as muscles and posture. Sport and exercise also provide a clear head.Tip: audiobook subscription Audible for free

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Enough sleep

Sleep is also important for physical and mental well-being. Those who sleep too little have difficulty concentrating, are lethargic and not efficient. In the long run, this can lead to many mental and physical illnesses, because body and mind need recovery periods and sleep to process the impressions and efforts of the day. At night, the body can emit pollutants particularly well, because the immune system works particularly hard at this time. If you suffer from sleep disorders, you’ll find tips here for a healthier sleep routine .

Lifestyle: reduce pollutants in everyday life

Not only are certain habits harmful to health but also special items can contain many pollutants. However, with a few trifles you can reduce the toxins you expose to your body.


Conventional cosmetics can contain many pollutants. Natural cosmetics is a better alternative. Often the two differ neither in their application nor their effectiveness. While conventional cosmetics are usually full of microplastics, hormonally active substances and chemicals, natural cosmetics do without these substances. So you can avoid pollutants that you would otherwise take on cosmetics.

air pollution

There are many pollutants in the air. Anyone who places houseplants in the apartment benefits from a cleaner air. They filter pollutants such as formaldehyde, ammonia from the air, which may be polluted by exhaust gases, benzene and similar substances. The green of the plants not only contributes to your relaxation , but also to your health.


Plastic is not only harmful to the environment but also to your health. Plastic contains many pollutants, some of which can be hormonal. Foods and products that come in contact with plastic for too long can absorb these pollutants. This happens especially when plastic comes in contact with hot food and drinks, for example, when you drink tea from a plastic cup. In the supermarket, many foods are sealed in plastic packaging. Try to avoid this and grab prefer to unpackaged food.

cleaning supplies

In cleaning supplies are many chemicals that are harmful to your health and can cause allergies. Prefer to use less sharp and harmless cleaning products. These work just as well, but do not affect your health so much.


Clothing, shoes and jewelery also contain many pollutants that can enter your body via the skin. When buying, you should therefore ensure that your clothing contains no toxic colors and chemicals. Often this is the case with coated textiles.

Detoxify the body: These are common methods

Detoxification cures can be done in many ways. The most common is probably detox or fasting. Nevertheless, one can fall back on different methods, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Detoxification treatments can improve some conditions. Scientifically proven this is often not. However, many people report improving their symptoms after taking a detox. These include, for example, tiredness, indigestion, skin changes, pain disorders and mood swings.

Body detoxify with tea

Detox teas have been trendy for several years. The mostly green or herbal teas are supposed to boost the metabolism and support the body in its natural functioning with many health-promoting ingredients. However, teas are often only part of a detoxification cure. Teas are often combined with juices and other meals. When choosing the tea you should pay attention to the exact mode of action. Different herbs can show very different effects. Nettle is particularly good for detoxifying. It has blood-purifying properties and stimulates kidney function. It is important that one resorts to high quality teas that are not contaminated with pollutants themselves. It’s best to resort to organic quality.


Juice cures are also popular. There are more and more providers who advertise their detox juices. In a juice cure you eat for several days exclusively of juices. These are usually gently pressed, so that many nutrients from vegetables and fruits are preserved. With a juicer you can make the juices yourself. This is often cheaper, but also more expensive. Side effects such as headaches can occur on the first day. Since the body has to get used to the changeover. After a few days, it can also lead to blemishes, as the contaminants pass through the skin from the body. Again, you should pay attention to the quality of the juices again. If you want to make your own juices, you should resort to vegetables and fruits in organic quality.

Body detoxify with water

In any detoxification cure, water is recommended as a natural detoxicant. Who drinks a lot of water a day, flushes pollutants out of his body. Here you can find out how much water is healthy for you during the day. Especially good should be hot water. Immediately after getting up, it can invigorate and hydrate the body. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the water. Water from plastic bottles can absorb pollutants from the plastic. Also from the line, the water can be contaminated by pipes. The best way to invest in a filter system that filters dirt particles and pollutants from the water.

oil treatment

An oil cure is also referred to as oil pulling, oil sucking or oil chewing. The method comes from Ayurveda and should remove harmful substances from the body with the help of an oil that is kept in the mouth for a few minutes. It is best to take coconut oil and leave it in the mouth for 10-20 minutes. A teaspoon is usually sufficient. In the mouth you should swing it back and forth and pull through your teeth. The oral mucosa releases toxins that accumulate in the oil. By spitting out the oil they are transported out of the body.

Popular detox and fasting diets

While you can do some detox and fasting at home, there are others that are only available in clinics. These can take a few weeks and often involve significant costs. However, there are again methods that can be copied easily at home. We introduce four popular detoxification treatments.

Buchinger fasting

The Buchinger-fasting cure goes back to the German physician Otto Buchinger. The body is fed exclusively liquid food. Two meals a day in the form of vegetable broth, juices and honey are allowed. This is how you consume about 200-500 calories a day. That should relieve the metabolism.

Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse comes from the US, actually from Hollywood. Many celebs swear by the fasting of laxative, lukewarm salt water and lemonade. However, the so-called lemonade you can not compare with conventional lemonade. It is a mixture of lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The procedure is started with two days of relief, during which the amount of food is steadily reduced. After cleansing the colon, the Master Cleanse will last for a maximum of ten days. Thereafter, the body is returned to solid food for a few days.

Detox Yoga

In this method, the body should detoxify through yoga . It is especially suitable for people who would rather actively detoxify than make a starvation cure. Yoga has many health benefits and is suitable for almost every person. Some yoga exercises can help detoxify the body and have a positive effect on organs such as the liver, kidney and pancreas. That can boost the metabolism. Above all, rotational postures are suitable for this process. Special breathing exercises can also have a cleansing effect.

Ayurveda treatment

The Ayurveda cure for detoxification is also called “Pancakarma”. Here come together different procedures. In addition to enemas and therapeutic vomiting, Ayurvedic oil massages are also used. The cures are always tailored to the individual symptoms of the patient and should be performed under medical supervision. They are often held in countries such as India and Sri Lanka.