Sleep better – 12 tips for better fitness, diet and strength

Here you will learn how to sleep better. 12 workable tips that you can quickly implement. What makes a better sleep with your psyche and your body you will also experience!

Lack of sleep leads in the long run to weight gain and can trigger perceptual disorders. Your concentration wanes and you lack the necessary energy to start the day. This has a negative effect on your health in the long run . You want to be active, but have no power, if your body does not find enough recovery.

We ‘d like to give you some tips on how to sleep better and even lose weight . Use these tips and you will see how this affects your health and fitness.

1. Anyone who sleeps naked can sleep better

According to studies calories are burned while sleeping , especially when you are sleeping nude. Energy must be used to maintain your body temperature. Your body needs a temperature that is lower than that when awake. Without sleepwear , your body can cool faster. If you give up on your pajamas, you can sleep better.

2. Sleep better due to lower temperatures

Do without too much heating in the bedroom. Not only does this help you sleep better, you also lose more weight. Your metabolism is boosted by lower temperatures and makes losing weight easier. The so-called “brown fat” is responsible for removing sugar from your cells at cooler temperatures. This burns calories to maintain body temperature.

The optimum room temperature should therefore be between 16 and 18 ° C in order to sleep better. If it is too cold, it can lead to a permanent muscle tension. If it is too warm, you start to sweat and sleep suffers.

3. Sleep better with the appropriate bedding

Everyone knows it: in a cuddly bedding in the winter or a cooling bed linen in the summer, it simply sleep better. For every season, the appropriate bed linen should be in the closet, so that your body can reach the right temperature. Therefore you should in the winter a warmer bedding, such. B. beaver, so that your body does not cool down too much . In summer, a more breathable bedding would be beneficial, so you do not sweat too much while you sleep. Each bedding will provide you with a pleasant feeling on the skin and you can look forward to falling into bed and sleeping better after a hard day’s work. 
Here you will find a large selection of bed linenand you can filter for different materials. It’s best to look for something light like seersucker, satin or jersey for the summer. For the winter Feinbiber is the best choice.

4. The right pillow for better sleep

The right pillow must not be missing. Often, unsuitable pillows disturb sleep patterns or cause you to get up with neck pain the next day. This is not how a morning should start. You would be restricted in your movement throughout the day and not feel vital. A pillow that relieves your cervical spine helps you to get better sleep without discomfort after getting up.

To find the optimal pillow for you, you should seek advice. Here, both health aspects and your preferred sleeping position can be considered. In order to avoid neck, head or back pain, a suitable neck pillow can help in some cases. Their shape adapted to your body supports the neck and spine. This avoids kinking your head and allows you to sleep better .

5. Sleep better through the right mattress

To help you sleep comfortably, find out which type of mattress you are. Too soft mattresses can cause back pain that will become your constant companion. If you sleep with a partner in a bed, you will wake up as soon as he turns around in bed. Too hard a mattress may not adapt to your body and may also cause discomfort. It is therefore important to pay attention to the right hardness when making a purchase to make sleeping as comfortable as possible.

Which mattress is suitable for you, you should test best by a test lying. Often the sellers offer a free trial sleep on time. If you are not satisfied with your mattress then you can return it within a certain time.

6. A uniform sleep rhythm

Finding the right sleep routine will help you sleep better. Shift work or constantly changing bed times can promote sleep disorders. You need a healthy sleep , so that your body can recover enough and recharge your batteries . This is especially important to be able to handle a stressful everyday life.

To help you sleep healthier and more restorative, you should also give up the snooze button on your phone. Between the awakening phases, you fall into a deep sleep phase, from which you are repeatedly brought by the alarm clock. This will make you feel even slacker afterwards. Here you should rather put the alarm clock later and get up after the first ring.

7. Sleep better by having enough exercise

Take every opportunity to move in the Allag . Get off a train station earlier and walk, avoid escalators and elevators, and instead take the stairs instead. In the present time, many want to escape an additional “burden” of movement due to a heavy workload. However, exercise should not be seen as a “burden” but as a “relief”.

Exercise is good for your health , helps prevent obesity, prevents diabetes and joint pain, etc. Also, to sleep better, you should move sufficiently to avoid sleep disorders. Because a lot of exercise and sports need a lot of energy, so that you are exhausted in the evening and can sleep better.

You should in any case additionally exercise regularly. If you are timed, home training is perfect for you. Gymondo currently offers a free trial membership (only a few remaining places).

8. Sleep better through proper nutrition

balanced diet not only serves your figure. To sleep better, it is important that you abstain from greasy food . Otherwise, your body is busy at night digesting the heavy food. All this is unconsciously perceived by you and leads to a restless sleep. In addition, fatty meals linger longer in your stomach . A feeling of fullness and discomfort are the result. This will also disturb your sleep.

You assume that a salad is better suited for dinner? As far as the fat content is concerned, you are right with your assumption. However, raw food means a lot of work for your body, which is often associated with flatulence and abdominal pain. Therefore, to be able to sleep better, you should be careful not to eat for two to four hours before bedtime . In order not to endanger falling asleep, you should not go hungry in any case to bed.

9. Eliminate disruptive factors for a good night’s sleep

You should not be exposed to too much noise in your bedroom. Otherwise, it can happen that they wake you up and you can not fall asleep anymore. Your room should not be too quiet. For example, a soft ticking of a clock could make you sleep better.

10. Alcohol and caffeine disturb your sleep

That alcohol contains many calories is well known. Therefore, you should not give too much alcohol to your body in a figure-conscious diet. To help you sleep better, you should not consume alcohol for at least three hours before bedtime . It makes you tired, but it also causes you to wake up at night and not be able to fall asleep. You suffer from sleep disorders.

To survive the day you take caffeine to you. That keeps you awake. Make sure that you do not drink any caffeinated drinks in the afternoon to fall asleep. Because caffeine lingers in your body for several hours and keeps you awake even if you actually want to go to sleep.

Instead, grab a green tea . It contains phytochemicals that will help you relax and sleep better.

11. Sleep better with less electronics in the evening

You should stay away from all electronic devices for one hour before going to bed . You’ll be confronted with information all day long, so you should not expose yourself to any additional stimuli that your body has to process during the night before going to bed.

In addition, the bright light of the devices causes you to be “on alert”. You will find a quieter sleep if you forego the consumption of media of any kind just before going to sleep, to let your body to rest.

12. The right color in the bedroom makes you sleep better

Colors affect your mind and soul more than you believe. They create different moods and influence the prevailing atmosphere in your room. Therefore, you should take care to refrain from certain colors in your color choice in order to sleep better.

You should use cold colors in your bedroom. These invite you to relax and are not overburdening the body. You would probably tend to prefer warm colors. However, these have a stimulating and invigorating effect , so that just the opposite is achieved.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that affect your sleep and thus your everyday life. The more restful your night was for you, the more it will affect your health. You relieve your body by giving it the ability to regenerate regularly and recharge your energy. This is especially important if you are active in sports