Functional Fitness – Information & Exercises

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional fitness is a new fitness trend that is being practiced more and more often. In this new form of exercise natural movements are used to achieve a maximum result. And there does not even have to be a device course like in a gym. Thus, the work-out is also suitable for people who have a stressful everyday life and prefer to work out at home. It contains many different, varied exercises that you can customize.

How does Functional Fitness work?

Unlike most so-called isolated training methods, such as bodybuilding, in Functional Fitness you can train several muscle groups simultaneously during an exercise. The functionality is achieved hiebei by the stress of different body parts. Most of the exercises in Functional Training are performed either with your own body weight or with various small devices, such as rubber bands, medicine balls or a so-called kettlebell.

What do I need for this type of training?

There are many different Functional Fitness training gear suitable for this new training program, such as:

  • Tube (Theraband)
  • Ball dumbbell (kettlebell)
  • sling trainer
  • sandbag
  • Koordinationsleiter
  • Pezziball or
  • Barbell (barbell)

Who benefits from Functional Fitness and for whom is it suitable?

Functional Fitness is suitable for anyone who finds normal strength training too monotonous. With the new work-out, targeted new stimuli are set, which can improve strength, stamina and coordination. In addition, all athletes can benefit from this, want to avoid the injuries as possible. Functional training is also suitable for beginners, as it treats the untrained muscles and joints very gently. Some typical beginner exercises are, for example, lunges, so-called burpees or knee lifts. In addition, the training is also suitable for experienced strength athletes who are in a good state of fitness.

What can be achieved with Functional Fitness?

Anyone who thinks that they can achieve success in strength training without thinking about their health will surely be taught something better at some point. Physical training not only affects the muscles but also overall well-being and performance. And since Functional Fitness ensures that injuries are avoided as much as possible, faster success is achieved. Because if you stay fit and healthy, you do not have to take any breaks. Functional training makes your muscles, fascia and joints significantly more agile and robust.

Two simple exercises explained briefly


Squats are ideal for functional training. Because with these you train your butt, your torso, your back and your legs. And if you do the squats properly , your hocks and knees can benefit as well. First, stand up straight and place your feet about shoulder-width apart. Now shift the weight to your heels with your feet pointing forward.

Stretch your arms forward parallel to the ground and squat down. Here you should stretch your butt backwards until it is only a few inches above the ground. The knees should not protrude over the toes, which many athletes do wrong. In the next step, push yourself up from the heels. In doing so, you tense your so-called back extensor muscle and, if possible, do not lean too far forward. If you ever want to increase the level of difficulty, you can hold dumbbells during the squats or do the exercise on a moving surface.


Meanwhile, the English term Burpee has established itself in this country. This means a special push-up jump that requires the entire body. You can also use Burpees to improve your strength and stamina. Start by shoulder first and go to the squat position. From there you do a push-up and then put your legs back on. Now you jump out of the squat and with outstretched arms upwards. Then you take the starting position again and start from the beginning.


Functional fitness is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Especially because of the fact that different muscle groups are trained here. Therefore, this training is also suitable for those who find the conventional strength training too monotonous. Another advantage is that a lot of emphasis is placed on avoiding injury. In addition, for most exercises, not even a gym must be visited. Because squats, burpees and many other exercises, you can also perform at home and customize it to your liking.